Hackpen White Horse


Q1.What is the start time?

A1. Riders can register from 07:00 and start anytime between 07:30 and 08:30

Q2. Will I need to navigate the route?

A2. No, the route will be well signed with marshals at key positions

Q3. What are the Gold, Silver and Bronze time standards?

A3. All finishers will achieve Bronze standard. Although the ride is NOT a race, some riders will want to time themselves. The ride has therefore been graded into the following Gold/Silver categories:

Long Route (90 miles)

Age up to 39years: 5h00m/6h00m

40-49years: 5h20m/6h20m

50-59years: 5h40m/6h40m

60+ years: 6h00m/7h00m

Medium Route (70 miles)

Age up to 39years: 4h00m/5h00m

40-49years: 4h20m/5h20m

50-59years: 4h40m/5h40m

60+ years: 5h00m/6h00m

All other finishers will be awarded Bronze. Women move up one age category.

Q4. Will all of the route be on public roads?

A4. All cycling will be done on public roads so riders will be expected to follow the highway code at all times

Q5. Do I need to get sponsorship to participate in this event?

A5. No you can just pay the £35 entry fee if you prefer.

Q6. Will there be parking available close to the start/finish?

A6. There is a public car park in Shrivenham. Also, there is a significant amount of parking available on public streets close to the Memorial Hall (place of registration). There are also many spaces for parking along the main street in Shrivenham without any need to pay on Sunday.

Q7. Will there be feed stations along the route?

A7. here will be two well stocked feed stations at evenly spaced distances. There will also be free tea/coffee and a selection of refreshments to buy at the finish (sandwiches/cakes/biscuits etc.).

Q8. How can I enter?

A8. Entries will open on the 01 July 2023. Please see the homepage for more information.

Q9. What is the transfer & withdrawal policy?

A9. Full entry fee refund up to 1 week after entering (less processing fee).

After this time, there will be an optional £20 refund (by cheque/dank transfer) up to the end of Dec 2023.

After this date, your entry is not Refundable or Transferable.

From 1st Jan 2024, if you withdraw from the event for any reason your entry will be added to the donation to WaterAid.

Q10. What race is the White Horse Photo from?

See info from a rider in that actual race Mr. Ian Sanderson, Oxfordshire:

"The race was the Kingwood RR and I think it was the mid to late 80s. I was in that race and remember it well!! I recall it was 70 miles starting at the Kingswood rugby club heading into the lanes around pucklechurch (nr Bristol). I remember Neil Martin (Dan Martins dad) getting away with one or two other riders and I was thinking I need to get up to them. There were three horses loose to start with I think! Chaos! The White one seemed to be enjoying it and would not be turned off the road. It was impossible to get past the White Horse because of the nature of the lanes. The organisers did not neutralise the race and so Neil got an easy win!" :-)

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